About Us


I am 40ish young mum of two grown up children who got into the fitness industry 15 years ago.  I have always been around sport and competed in athletics at school, taught my first aerobics class at 14yrs old and ran a few races when we lived in Paris.  I only got serious about weight training in 2013 when I started to look into changing my physique for competing.

I have been continuously experimenting with different methods of training, as well as currently studying to be a nutritionist.  I love learning and will continue to increase my knowledge, so that I can help more and more people.

My own training techniques are around weight lifting, although I do like to add the odd HIIT session in to spice things up a bit! I personally compete in Bodybuilding competitions and have won an Australian title and also competed in the Worlds in Canada.  My main goal is always to get back on stage and be better than I was the last time.

As a PT, my sessions are always geared towards the clients and their needs. Everybody is different and that makes my job incredibly rewarding. I don’t always get it right but I am persistent.  At the end of the day, I believe consistency is the key.  As I say, exercise is only 1 hour of the day but if you want to change, you have to work on the other 23 hours.

Aaron Cocco - 24 years old.

My love and  passion for the art of fighting  and fitness began at a very young age with my father being a karate instructor. I started karate at 7 years old and by 9 years old I was the youngest black belt in Australia at the time. With not being able to take my level of karate much further at such a young age I started boxing.

With numerous amounts of amateur fights all around NSW and training at some  world renowned boxers gyms including Geoff French and Anthony Mundines,in 2009 I competed in the NSW state titles as a middleweight and took out 1st place gold medal and then went on to win gold at the Australia titles a few months later.

After spending a year recently working in cobra fitness Muay Thai as a boxing coach in Dubai now being back in Australia I want to help people achieve there goals fitness wise,share my knowledge about the sport with people and just make people feel better in general and happy as a person.